Girwan is born in Nepal, the country he loves and has explored every bit of: he’strekked almost every trek and visited almost every corner of Nepal.

His Newari background makes him an endless source of knowledge of Newari traditions and culture.

He has a degree in Computer Engineering, but his love for trekking led him to work in the tourism industry.

He decided to leave his career to found Travel With Me with Mukesh and Chiara.

“I’ve always lived in Nepal, so I had the chance to explore every bit of it. The more I discovered my own country, the more I was surprised by the amazing richness of cultures, customs and landscapes. Nepal is a small country, but there is so much that can be seen here. The wonderful Himalayas – they are much bigger in real life than what it looks like in photos! The jungles of the south, Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, Hindu temples, rice fields, alpine deserts, ancient palaces…I really want people to experience and appreciate all of this and the best of Nepali hospitably and go back to their home regenerated and happy.”

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