Are you wondering what people usually wear in Nepal?

Here is a list of what you are most likely to see during your trip in Nepal!


1 – Western-style clothing

You may be surprised, but Nepalis love to follow foreign fashion trends and love to mix styles to create their own!

You will see many youngsters as well as adults wearing jeans and t-shirts, often mixing them with some typical Nepali fashion accessories.

You will also notice that this is much more common in the cities than in the hills or mountains.


2 – Kurta Suruwal

Kurta Suruwal is a bright-coloured knee-length cotton shirt with matching trousers and is one of Nepal’s most-loved women’s garments. Older women usually wear the top shorter and the trousers looser while younger girls wear a tighter and longer version of the top with fitting trousers or even jeans. It’s a very comfortable and vibrant clothing: try one on too, you’ll love it!


3 – Saree

Saree is a garment for women, consisting of a drape wrapped around the body, and is worn everywhere from the hills to the south of Nepal, especially in special occasions such as marriages, ceremonies and functions. Sarees are extremely beautiful and elegant with their sophisticated embroideries and bold colours. There is a saying in Nepal that nothing looks better than a woman wearing a saree, and we are sure that when you see one, you’ll agree too!


4 – Tongkok, the traditional Sherpa dress

This traditional attire of Sherpa women is a long-sleeved floor-length dress made of thick wool, worn with colourful striped aprons, which also describe the marital status of its wearer. In the mountains, especially in the eastern part of Nepal, women still wear this dress everyday and you are also likely to spot it in some areas of Kathmandu, such as Boudhanath.


5 – Patuka and Kachad, the traditional dress of the Magars and Gurungs

The traditional outfits of these two indigenous groups living in the mountainous valleys of Nepal are very similar and you will see it especially when trekking in the Annapurna region.

Women wear a dark-coloured saree with a bright yellow or blue cloth wrapped around their waist (Patuka), a red blouse and a shawl often wrapped around their head.

Men wear a white knee-length loincloth (Kachad) with a white shirt and a dark vest and hat.

Gurung men also wear Vangra, a white cotton cloth that serves as a pouch for carrying goods.

If this sounds like a good outfit to you, have fun trying it on in the village of Ghandruk at the local Traditional Costumes and Jewellery Center.


6 – The Tharu dress

The Tharu people are an indigenous group living in the south of Nepal, the Terai. Their costumes and ornaments are completely unique.

Men’s attire is very simple: a white loincloth (Dhoti) and a shirt.

Women wear a black or colourful top (Choli), and a white or colourful saree worn more as a skirt. The blouses are decorated with bright pompons, mirrors and coins.

You will be sure to see their beautiful dresses while visiting Chitwan and Bardiya National Park.


7 – Darwa Surwal & Chaubandi Cholo

Darwa Surwal (male) and Chaubandi Cholo (female) are Nepal’s national dresses.

Darwa is a shirt with side laces instead of buttons and Surwal are its matching trousers. They are worn with a coat and the Nepali hat (Dhaka Topi).

The male outfit isn’t used in everyday life, but still worn by government officials and politicians or during celebrations and marriages.

Chaubandi Cholo is the traditional Nepali blouse, normally used with a saree. It is usually red or white with a geometric print, however colours differ.

Nowadays, it is worn mainly during cultural programmes and official ceremonies.


8 – Dhaka Topi

Dhaka Topi is the ubiquitous Nepali hat worn by men and you will see it everywhere during your stay in Nepal. It is said that its pointy shape is inspired by the mighty Himalayas and its colours reflect the diversity of Nepali cultures. Wear one, they will mistake you for a local 🙂 !

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