Who We Are

Hello and Namaste. We are thrilled that you are interested in visiting Nepal.

Welcome to Travel With Me.

Travel With Me is a professional, government-registered tour and trekking company based in Nepal licensed under the Nepalese Department of Tourism.

Our team is composed of a small group of experienced and dedicated young people, speaking a variety of languages and working together to create high-end amazing traveller experiences.

We operate a range of tours and trekking holidays in Nepal, ranging from small group tour packages, to fully customised personal trips. Beside our classic treks and tours, we can help you organise everything from nature and safari tours to cultural and religious holidays and more.

We believe that travel is one of the joys of life and a crucial opportunity to learn and grow, to discover and connect with different cultures, that bring us closer to others and ourselves.

That is why we want to create trips that, rather than just “visiting” Nepal, will allow you to experience it, introducing you not only to its beautiful sights but to its wonderful people and cultures too.

We use our local expertise to customise your holiday to your exact needs to make it the memory of a lifetime!

Travel With Me can’t wait to travel with you!

Our Story

Travel With Me’s story is the sum of a lot of lucky encounters, old friendships, travels and dreams.

Mukesh and Girwan were both born and raised between the south of Nepal and Kathmandu, where they met in high school and became close friends.

While pursuing their various university degrees, they worked together conducting surveys for international companies. For this, they travelled throughout Nepal during the Nepalese civil war, stopping all around the country asking their fellow Nepalis about their eating and living habits.

During that time, they got to learn first-hand about the extreme cultural diversity of their own country and were astounded by the variety of landscapes, traditions and languages they encountered.

They didn’t know, though, that their ways were about to part for ten years.

At the age of 20, Mukesh was granted a student visa for Australia and left Nepal.

Since seeing a poster of the Sydney Opera House hanging on his barbershop’s wall, he had always dreamt about going to Australia and his dream finally became a reality.

In Nepal, Girwan finished his studies and began work as a computer engineer. His focus, though, was increasingly a growing passion for trekking. Whenever he could get free time, he’d hit new trekking routes with his friends, where he’d meet many travellers from all over the globe.

A year later, his passion led him to quit his job and begin working for a travel agency. This started by taking care of hotels, flights and bus bookings but soon became the complete project management of trekking tours.

He was in Nepal during the earthquake and witnessed the immense pain but also the resilience of Nepalese people during that terrible time, and how the tourist industry, badly hit, was one of the backbones of Nepal’s economy and of upmost importance for his country and people.  His commitment and passion in the tourism industry grew even more during that time.

Meanwhile in a totally different part of the world, in Italy, Chiara was pursuing her university degree through which she could participate in exchange programs and live abroad for some time.

She always loved discovering and travelled extensively in Europe, but this experience instilled in her a need to explore that was more than just a hobby.

After finishing her studies, she worked for sometime in Italy, but her desire to travel kept coming back.

She decided to move to Australia, for a short time. Little did she know that she would fall in love with Australia so much that she ended up becoming an Australian citizen.

And even more importantly, that this would be where she met Mukesh, who later became her husband.

While living in Sydney, Chiara and Mukesh travelled extensively in Australia and, with great enjoyment, started to organise independent trips for friends who visited the country.

A year after getting married, they decided it was time to discover more of each other’s background (“now or never” they thought). So they headed to Italy for their travels and then to Nepal, where they had their second wedding, this time in the Hindu tradition.

They thought to stay in Nepal only for a short time but, once more, things took an unexpected turn!

Chiara had always loved trekking, ever since her parents took her hiking in the beautiful Dolomite Mountains of Italy. And after her first hike in the Himalayas with Mukesh, she fell in love again, this time with the mountains of Nepal. She and Mukesh then spent over three months trekking on many different routes.

During this time Mukesh also reconnected with his old friend Girwan, who had become a keen and well-experienced trekker himself as a result of his passion and work in the tourism industry.

They started to organise a few independent treks and tours together for friends who came to visit, each of which was an amazing success. But, more importantly, they realized just how much joy they got from doing this sort of work. And they decided they wanted to make it their job.

Travel With Me was born.

Girwan, with his inside knowledge, many travels in India and Nepal and contagious enthusiasm, Mukesh with his head for business and extensive experience in hospitality and Chiara, with her love of travel combined with her Public Relations and Admin experience, made them the perfect team.

Travel With Me strives for outstanding service and custom crafted tours, mixing international standards of excellence, local inside knowledge and the pure love of Nepal.



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